Monday, 30 January 2017

It's Hard to Get Out of Bed Sometimes

It's hard to get out of bed sometimes, isn't it? It's not the dread of another day, or the college work looming over my head, it's just some days I want time to pass slowly. On days I wake up early, get ready for college, study, attend lectures, hang out with my friends it all seems to go by so fast; for better or for worse. It's not that I don't enjoy this time, I'm so privileged to have this opportunity but there are always those days where you want nothing more than to sleep in, make tea and fade into hermitified bliss as the busy world goes on with out you. These are days that are needed.

In rare cases, in between days such as these can become too much of a habit, which can cause problems in both education, relationships and work. It lets you shy away from responsibilities which is what theses quiet days had intended to do; the catch is only that it must be rare enough that it doesn't create too much of a disruption in your day to day life. I feel like we need to be more forgiving in that regard to people, especially with cases of college or work,
" Some days you just can't. And that's fine. "
On occasions it can be a mental health issue reaching its peak unable to face the day but often enough everything could be going good in your life but still; you need a break.

A break from responsibilities, a break from small classrooms, a break from human interaction; a break from the world.

(A quick snap of a time in December I took a break from the world and worked on my Sociology and Political Studies essay feat. V cute fairy lights )

Wednesday, 4 January 2017


Overview: This is my first ever beauty make up review on my blog and I will be talking about NYX’s Suede Cream in Subversive Socialite a part of a numerously coloured collection. The colour is a rich purple with a minute hint of red that is a real show stopper. Its packaging is simple and cute, easy to throw in to any bag and quickly put  it on when an intense lip look is desired. Costing just  $7/£6.50/€9.25  It is a good valued product  and would definitely last as lipsticks go.

The Look:
The colour is very Gothic which I adore.Its dark shade exaggerates your lips while brightening both your face and teeth in its contrast. It’s rich in texture and dries pretty quickly onto your lips. The only thing that is somewhat annoying about this dramatic lip colour is that it is such a contrast to your normal lip shade that when it fades a little it is so obvious and needs to be rectified quickly. Reapplying it can help but often it leads an  build up on the lips. This lip cream colour, because of its intensity is best for a night out or for a grungy tone to your look. Unfortunately it wouldn’t be the best choice for an event where drinking/eating a lot is involved as it can get messy pretty quickly!

Application: The application is smooth and sets of the lips well. The applicator brush can sometimes be difficult to use for doing the outline of the lips but a dark coloured lip liner can solve that problem pretty quickly..

Overall: I adore this lip colour and brand. I recommend it to all of my friends purely because of the outrageous and gorgeous colors this lipstick comes in along with its very reasonable price. I also purchased NYX Suede Lip Cream Stone Fox which has a bluish grey tint to it which I love to wear with a blue eye shadow look. Aside from its appearance when it fades, This is perfect for any experimental make up fanatic who doesn't want to spend a fortune on an iconic look!

Goals for January 2017

A new page, a fresh chapter. A time to start again and plant the seeds to a beautiful blossoming year.

This year is going to be an exciting one, I can feel it. It is something Im so certain of but it wont come easy. I see a lot of hard work for the foreseeable future but I know it will be both internally and externally rewarding. To start off the year I thought I would write a list of not my goals for the year but for each month. Taking everything together can cause a sort of blurred lines to what I really want to achieve this year. In breaking it up month by month I can see a gradual change more hastily and alter my goals accordingly. So, lets begin!

1.      Its Cool to College
You know that person who goes to all their classes, studies all the time and still has a positive attitude when things get them down? That my friends, will be yours truly this month. (and hopefully be a continuing goal for the next couple of months). Working hard at university has been a priority of mine and Ive worked on it in 2016 but what I really need to focus on is consistent motivation. To try and not burn out so quickly and to remain focused on the goal at hand.

2.  Splendid Spanish 
Any language in any university is a tough journey to take especially if youre a beginner such as myself! My goal for the foreseeable future is to focus my attention to get to grips with the language, work hard at it and engage with listening and speaking to a higher degree. Im quite nervous about that as I feel it is such a daunting task but my ambitions have never been higher in life so I need to put in the effort!

3.      Happy Head Happy Heart.
Im so proud of how far Ive come the past year with my own mental health and self-awareness. Thinking back to this time last year I cant help feel shocked of how little I knew myself and how much my own head got to me. Something Im grateful for is my progression in that regard and my goal is to keep it up! More meditation, more creativity will lead to a happier heart.

4.      Blogging Bliss
Like always, a lack of consistent motivation is something I struggle with especially when it comes to blogging. This month I hope to see a change in that and to be posting more and more. It is something I really enjoy doing but with university, study and work it can be tough to find the time. Im excitedly anticipating my month and year of blogging and wish to strive for greater things regarding it.

5.      Make up Movements.
Ive always loved my eyeliner, lipstick, beautiful eye shadows and the general idea of striking make up. This month Id like to try out make up blogging reviews as a different outlet for my writing. New Christmas purchases of lipsticks influenced me to try this out and hopefully if enjoyed I will continue it in the future of 2017.

6.      Social Butterfly.
If youre like me the previous winter months consisted of lying in your pyjamas on the couch, hot water bottles and a dangerously high intake of tea. That is why this January Im going to stretch my social wings and experience more of the extensive social life around me. Whether that be having dinner in a new place or finally visiting the aquarium in my city Im determined to let my social butterfly loose!

January 2017 is a month Im excited about for so many reasons especially those mentioned here. Its a time for new beginnings and there is often nothing more refreshing than the thought of that. 2016 was a tough year for many of us myself included but it has taught me a lot and for that I am grateful.

 What are some of your plans for January 2017?

Facing One of My Biggest Fears.

My hands were shaking, tears streaming down my face with waves of terror washing over me a mile a minute. Huddling around supportive friends each telling me I didn't have to do this if I didn't want to, but my mind was made up. I was going to face one of my biggest fears: a Ferris wheel.
To most this is an exciting little trip to see the beautiful sights of their city high in the air, and with a student discount for 4 euro, you may as well! But for someone with a crippling fear of anything higher than two stories this was going to be a big deal, a very big deal. So, did I face my fear?

HELL yes!
Tears continued to flow as all five of my friends and the uncontrollable mess of a person that I was at that moment climbed into the tiny booths that will take me to my unending doom. Shaking and terrified I snuggled into the arms of my boyfriend and covered my eyes with his jacket. Anything to help me forget why I was putting myself through so much torture! (It also occurred to me I willingly paid for this torment, what was I thinking?!)

The worst thing about it had to be the continuous stopping. Prior to the wheel making it's way around three times it had to let more people in which meant rising closer to a place I believe that only planes and superheroes should be (!) and then... you had to wait. I'm not the most patient person anyway and my fear didn't help.I was petrified and there was no where to go.
Still crying I made my way through the first set of spins around, my heart always beat a little easier when we would move towards the ground, but as it continued I got braver. I peeked out and I had to admit, it was a really beautiful sight.

When our last trip around came to a close and we were asked to leave, I had to admit I was a little sad. I so rarely get to face a fear and here I was doing it and I SURVIVED. It gave me such a feeling of accomplishment that I couldn't help be proud of. Having such supportive friends emphasized how important it was for me to do this and to not face anything by myself.
Weeks on and I feel like a stronger person. Yes I have fears but I can face them and maybe even overcome them. You may not see my bungee jumping anytime soon but I'll let you in on a little secret, The fearful Ferris wheel - I'd do it again..!

(Ferris Wheel? Completed it mate).

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Terrible Teens: My Life 5 Years Ago

Being the sort of person I am I adore a little reflective writing every now and then. I have decided to write a post on my life five years ago. I’ll admit thinking back was a weird experience. Opening my mind to all my thoughts, emotions and beliefs that I had when I was at the tender age of thirteen, going on fourteen brought many things to light, and here I am spilling them all to you. -Enjoy!

Half way through my second year in secondary school; friendships, insecurites, puberty, boys and self-image were common factors in my day to day life. I was still happy, the same sort of being I am today only with a lot of worries and insecurities that I wish I never cared about and probably shouldn't have.
I was a late bloomer in many regards, always have been. I had yet to kiss a boy and name calling was commonplace in the mixed up emotions of secondary school where no one really knows who they were and what they were about. I liked a boy, one year older than me who had a girlfriend and only ever saw me as a friend (super dramatic teen stuff). I had two best friends who always made life a bit easier like friends always too and their presence in this period of my life is something I will always appreciate.

I experienced my first discos and the insecurity they bring out. You could say I never really knew how to fit in quite the same as the others. A perfect example of this is what a wore to my first disco as a teen: a gigantic Metallica top and baggy grey shorts with runners, not really the biggest fashionista in 2001 I’ll admit. Yet,It still makes me giggle a little thinking about it so I guess it was all worth it in the end!

Style: Cool Rocker was the ultimate goal. Side fringe, nirvana top (I do really love the band), a multi-coloured boho style jacket and converse were my go to look.Not forgeting that the bigger the eyeliner the better: 110%.

Makeup: Consisted of natural collection powder (which was ridiculously unflattering especially the fact I have very dry skin), flaky eyeliner and if I was lucky not to lose it before I even used it, lip balm and dark shades of nail vanish.

Music: As a hater of any “current” music because I was too cool for that at this age (it would obvs ruin my punk image) I loved Korn, The Pixies, Nirvana and of course my favourite indie singer of all time Elliott Smith. I still love all of these but I definitely feel less of a need to tell the world about it.

TV: I have so much love and positive nostalgia for shows such as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, That 70's show and Freaks and geeks. They really got me through my in between years and I still get so excited to watch them today. Freaks and geeks is especially important to me as it was something that struck all the right chords with thirteen year old B.

Social Media: If you didn’t post everything you and your friends did in town that day no matter how repetitive and irrelevant it was did you even Facebook bruv? Putting up statuses about loving life and tweeting depressing love song lyrics you hoped your crush would see was the peak of the social media experience for past B.

Message to past self: Stop caring about pointless things, stop thinking you’re never good enough. Don't let people overshadow you and remember that you are wonderful and unique irregardless of what anyone else thinks. Don’t look for your self esteem through other people as it will only end it tears and always, always love yourself first.

Thinking back on who I was then and who I am now, I’m happy. No matter all the mistakes I've made in my silly teen years its brought me this far and for that I can't regret any of it. I’ve achieved more than I thought I ever would in these five years and I know thirteen year old B would be proud if she could see me now; and that's all that matters.
Besos x

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Relationship Advice Column 1


The first blog post of a relationship advice column I've decide to start. One person (kept anonymous) contacted me through my Twitter page with her love life dilemma and here is the advice I gave her. Let me know what you think! To take part DM me your relationship issues etc on my Twitter found here:
Or leave a comment right here on my blog! ❤️

"I worked this summer and I meet a really nice guy there. He was really shy, like me but we started talking and our mutual friend told me that he saw something between us so I told him I thought he was cute and he said the same about me. We realized we liked each other but weren't ready to start dating since we had just met. Plus he has a daughter and had been w the mother for years, he's 22 I'm 20. So I was scared to jump into anything with him. We would flirt sometimes over texts and I would tell him I thought he looked good & vice versa. "

Thank you so much for taking part! Ok first things first, make sure he is definitely still not with the mother, even in an on and off sort of way. I've been in a relationship for 3 years and as a young couple I know how common break ups & makeups can be, just make sure there is nothing between them anymore and accept that if you guys do get together that she will still be in his life in one way or another because of their daughter, make sure you're comfortable with that.

If you're both cautious of a relationship right now trust your instincts and DONT RUSH IT!
Love being the paradox that it is, you're going to have to put yourself out there but you can still protect yourself at first. (Let me explain ) As you've mentioned before you guys have a mutual friend and if you're at the stage of just texting and not really meeting up try casually texting him and mentioning to him that you're meeting up with a couple of friends (one or more he might know) and throw him an invite. This way, you're making the first move but it's a lot less hurting to the self esteem if he rejects because it's a group thing. If all goes well and he shows (if he doesn't go have a great night irregardless!!) you can see how you guys are, see how he is towards you and maybe suggest meeting up again privately after that, no rushing or seriousness involved! 

Now the most important part: Communication! If he's interested, you guys have met up a couple of times, things seem to be going good then ask him how he's feeling, be brave in love!❤️ 20's are a busy time especially if he has a daughter, job, etc. So discuss together if you're both interested in trying it out, doesn't have to be a serious thing just make sure your feelings are the same.
Another point is to make sure that you leave the conversation both knowing what's going on, make intentions clear but make sure neither of you are being forced into a situation you are unsure/unhappy about. I think everyone can agree mixed signals are the worst! 

Important also, for yourself, think it over and make sure you're happy to put in the work for this guy and that he's willing to do the same for you and respect you.
Remember that you're young and if it doesn't work out it won't be the end of your love life and sometimes taking a leap of faith in love & for someone is important to do.. AS LONG AS THEY ARE WILLING TO DO IT FOR YOU. Love isn't a one way street!!
If the situation for you guys just isn't right right now, that's ok too, maybe it could be possible in the future. But if at the beginning of all this he seems distant and uninterested , don't hang around. Take a step back and know that you deserve more than that.
(After all this advice, at the end of the day just do what makes you happy ☺️)

Monday, 7 November 2016

I'm Writing for My College Newspaper!

This year was going to be exciting. I was motivated and determined to do it all right. So, step one: I decided to join the newspaper in my college. Attending the meetings, It was a lot more relaxed than I thought it would be. Half of me was imagining a smokey boardroom in those  black and white movies but it really wasn't anything like that, I was so relieved!
At the beginning of the meeting several editors listed out the topics available to writers and if any took your fancy you say it and take it. They also let non editors pitch ideas to the main editor to see if she liked them and wanted them to be apart of the bi-weekly newspaper.
I was in the entertainment section, easy to read, fun to write! It was pretty exciting seeing my work in a newspaper for everyone in the college to see. All be it a little terrifying. The thought of having my work out there definitely didn't freak me out as much as I thought it would but maybe that's because in this generation we are so used to writing every thought we have online for all to see.
Working towards my goals which are very  study and writing based I felt a great feeling of achievement in being published in the college newspaper.

Ever been published? Have any funny/terrifying stories about pitches? Let me know!

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